Sisvel Technology promotes innovation, provides IP technical assistance, and contributes to licensing development

Sisvel Technology is the research, development, and technical consulting company, within the Sisvel Group, one of the world’s leaders in managing intellectual property (IP) and maximizing the value of patent rights.

Sisvel Technology’s mission is to:

  • conduct research and development in key areas of innovation;

  • collaborate with entities in both the public and private sectors, and in particular with research centers, to implement R&D programs, and to produce innovative technical solutions leading to commercially valuable patents and technologies;

  • promote and guide innovation and assist its partners in the development of intellectual property assets with market potential;

  • assess the market and technical potential of innovations and the related intellectual property;

  • assist licensing negotiations by providing evidence of patent use by prospective licensees and by performing laboratory tests on potentially infringing products.

Sisvel Technology strengthens the Group by improving its internal capabilities to offer integrated solutions that respond to the increased demand for IP valuation requests. Sisvel Technology also expands the Group’s research and development capabilities to invent new IP.




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