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Sisvel Technology is actively working on the development of new techniques in the field of 3D TV, with the aim of facilitating broadcasters and content producers in the production and distribution of 3D material.

After presenting 3DSwitch - a new method for automatic 2D/3D format recognition and conversion that greatly enhances 3D TV viewing experience – Sisvel Technology is working on a new solution to improve 3D broadcasting: the 3D Tile Format.

The 3D Tile Format enables delivery of HD 3D content with a higher quality than current solutions (Side by Side or Top and Bottom) and allows broadcasters to transmit a single service for 2D and 3D audiences. Consumers with 3D equipment can fully enjoy a 3D viewing experience while consumers with traditional 2D TV sets will appreciate the service in 2D.


Current issues in 3D Broadcasting

The idea behind 3D video is the transmission of two separate images (Left & Right), to reproduce human stereoscopic vision, packed in a single stream. The current systems squeeze the Left and Right images into a single High Definition frame and the service provider reuses part of the existing production and the entire distribution infrastructure.

This approach not only causes a loss in the video quality, halving the vertical or horizontal resolution of the source image, but also makes the 3D transmission unsuitable for viewing on 2D TV receivers.


3D Tile Format
Sisvel Technology’s solution to improve 3D broadcasting

To overcome these drawbacks in 3D broadcasting, Sisvel Technology has created the 3D Tile Format - a solution allowing the integrated storage of two stereoscopic 720p frames into a single 1080p frame. The reconstructed Left and Right pictures keep their original resolution and will not be affected by the unbalance of the Vertical and Horizontal resolution.

The layout of the images within the Tile Format, together with past standard compliant technologies developed by Sisvel Technology, seamlessly allows the decoding of 2D video from the 3D transmission.

The 3D Tile Format is ready to be adopted by the market and field trials are expected to launch in the near future.


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